2022-12-02: I just envision a group of engineers from Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company sitting around …

2022-11-26: Lessons from Lego: Sometimes you just need a replacement head.

2022-11-23: Happy #Wolfenoot

2022-11-23: Actually finished on Monday, little late to marking it. Good story, predictable in spots, but …


2022-10-23: Lest you think my last post is in support of Trump, let me clear that up for you. I think Trump is a …

2022-10-23: Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan. Biden enacts strict trade policies against China; policies that the left …

2022-09-12: Finally got my MAGA hat.

2022-09-07: So, did “Far Out” mean that the Apple Watch Ultra face sticks Far Out?

2022-09-07: That was an expensive keynote. #AppleEvent

2022-08-21: Hunting a Killer #MurderAtTheMotel

2022-08-11: The 3 most perfect calculators.

2022-07-15: No idea what the early reviewers were complaining about. My Midnight Macbook Air is not showing …

2022-06-23: Legit just did this. Thanks Festival Foods & Kwik Trip!

2022-06-15: Successful melt.

2022-06-03: New (to me) monitor at work. Missed #ThrowbackThursday but at least it’s better than the old Dell …

2022-06-01: Good yummy dinner…Taco John’s and scotch.

2022-05-19: Ah, this brings back memories. #ThrowbackThursday

2022-05-11: FYI: the wrong way to remove an NVMe or M.2 drive is to just yank it out. #smh

2022-05-06: …in bed. #fortunecookie

2022-04-30: Dog food. Yum.

2022-04-30: I feel like the Allstate Mayhem guy should be anchoring the news these days.

2022-04-09: At the party store and overheard “No you can’t fill it with air if you want the balloon to float, …

2022-04-03: Second bookcase of games complete.

2022-04-03: This brings back a few memories.

2022-04-02: Organizing games.

2022-04-01: Finally completed the set. #fountainpens

2022-03-23: Either this red panda beanie baby is into bondage or my Roomba doesn’t like him.

2022-03-22: Something a little bit magical about this combination. 🖋 Visconti Manhattan (F) and Diamine Writer’s …

2022-03-22: There’s something very special about that first scoop of peanut butter.

2022-03-21: I think this has been ignored for long enough. Time to start using it again.