God, please don’t let Amazon be the only 10.3” Gallery ebook reader on the market.

Amazon to launch next-gen Kindle with color ACeP Technology in 2025

I just envision a group of engineers from Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company sitting around shooting the shit with Elon saying “You know what really needs your help, Twitter!” Then laughing all the way back to their desks.

Lessons from Lego: Sometimes you just need a replacement head.

Actually finished on Monday, little late to marking it. Good story, predictable in spots, but overall good. Would make a good movie. Finished reading: Project Hail Mary: A Novel by Andy Weir 📚

Lest you think my last post is in support of Trump, let me clear that up for you.

I think Trump is a reprehensible human being. But that last 2 elections; Trump vs Hillary and Trump vs Biden? Is that seriously the BEST we can do?! I feel insulted by the choices.

Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan.

Biden enacts strict trade policies against China; policies that the left called Trump xenophobic for doing.

Now, Xi retaliates against China’s former, more moderate, leader.

You can all see that this is heading toward a China-Taiwan war, right?

And that the USA is willing acting as the catalyst to bring it about, right?

Finally got my MAGA hat.

So, did “Far Out” mean that the Apple Watch Ultra face sticks Far Out?

That was an expensive keynote. #AppleEvent

Hunting a Killer #MurderAtTheMotel

The 3 most perfect calculators.

No idea what the early reviewers were complaining about. My Midnight Macbook Air is not showing anything in the way of fingerprints. #MacbookAirM2

Legit just did this. Thanks Festival Foods & Kwik Trip!

Successful melt.

New (to me) monitor at work. Missed #ThrowbackThursday but at least it’s better than the old Dell monitor I had.

Good yummy dinner…Taco John’s and scotch.

Ah, this brings back memories. #ThrowbackThursday

FYI: the wrong way to remove an NVMe or M.2 drive is to just yank it out. #smh

…in bed. #fortunecookie

Dog food. Yum.

I feel like the Allstate Mayhem guy should be anchoring the news these days.

At the party store and overheard “No you can’t fill it with air if you want the balloon to float, you have to use helium.”

Second bookcase of games complete.